Key Features
  • Multilingual systems in languages ranging from English to Chinese
  • Fully rebrandable and white labelled
  • Fees to Pengower based on storage and bandwidth used
  • Developers share revenue for life of contract
  • Set your own end user license fees
  • Resell your applications in our library
Developer Support

Whether you are an expert developer or a complete beginner, Pengower is incredibly quick to learn and use. Most beginners are able to build their first apps within minutes, whilst expert developers can create highly sophisticated applications in record speed. Our online training materials guide you through the learning process and our expert team are available to help and assist you.

Pengower provides a full set of training materials and resources, available through our developer wiki. These materials include video tutorials, 'how to' guides and examples. We also run Webinars to help you get started and answer any questions you might have. You can also contact our development gurus via our online support portal which is available 24/7.

Registered developers will have access to the Pengower Wiki which contains wide range of platform resources and information.

Online Development

You can create and deploy applications through any browser using the Pengower online application builder. You can select applications from our library, modify and adapt these library applications or create completely new applications from scratch. As you begin to create applications, they are available online and you can choose to share them with your customers and fully engage them in the development process.


Pengower has been used to develop applications across a wide range of sectors, from investment banking to social care. Pengower is used by small and medium businesses and well as by some of the largest organisations in the world.


Pengower applications are underpinned by a powerful MySQL database and hosted within our state of the art datacentres. Simple functionality can be created at the click of a button and more complex functionality can be created with Pengower's easy to use development language . Pengower complies with latest security standards, which are regularly audited by third party security experts.

Pricing and Fees

Developers can set up a free developer account to create applications for their own organisations or for their customers. Developers are charged license fees based on usage and bandwidth, and are free to set their own license models and levels with the end customers.